Ruth Stuart is a Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer. Active for many years in fandom, she participates in a number of on-line networks as well as attending as many conventions as she can.

Where did the writing begin? She received a typewriter on her seventh birthday. While some may think this was to keep her from always using her mother’s, she used it to take her first fiction writing steps. That story, showing her burgeoning love of maps (but fuzzy knowledge of scale), was never completed. Over the years and via newer technology, she has completed many stories. Most of these began using the most basic technology of all – pen and paper.

Her current work-in-progress, set in the same world as her story “The Rustle of Wings”, is a prequel to a completed first novel presently under consideration at a major US publisher.

What’s next for Ruth? More words. More maps. And, very likely, more pages covered with scribbles, arrows and marginalia.